Personal Article

Growing up in the streets of Peshawar-Pakistan, one thing i’ve learned about life is to be strong, have the power to take whats yours or else people will walk over you. I was a very quite kid in school, unusually quite and may be it was due to the old fashioned beatings we use to get from our teachers on small issues, but overall i was a very anti-social person. This kept on till college but then i changed in university dramatically, i started making friends who made me happy, started going to party’s with them. And the main reason for this change was because i left my home-city Peshawar and went to Islamabad Iqra University which had a more socially aware environment, and gradually and slowly i accepted the transition phase occurring inside me. I think im blessed to have this kind of transition because not only it  gave me good speaking power but also the power to decide what is absolutely necessary. So here i am studying BBA honours in Iqra University.


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