Facts about Pakistan

  • People don’t care about your messed up personal life, they only care about results.
  • The chances of you having a bad company is very high unless you have a very strong personality.
  • Liberalism (a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution) can be very futile in an emotional  place like Pakistan. People want results in a flash of a light through a revolution rather than slow and steady progress. E.g Democratic regime have been started in pakistan but people complain of the corrupt democratic government and some times prefer dictatorship as the only true way to run the country, while ignoring that a democratic process is itself a great revolution by handing power to the people. It doesnt take a few years to strengthen democracy, it takes decades to build a strong democratic government.
  • People have very high expectations from you, therefore be blunt and straightforward in what you want to do otherwise you can easily be caught up in a misunderstanding.
  • People of Pakistan consider themselves as self-righteous, they have no empathy at all.
  • Friends with benefits are very high.
  • Blame game is very common in pakistani society.
  • Unconditional Elderly respect.
  • High Political awareness
  • Racism is at its peak. Because there are various people living in pakistan belonging from various cultural roots, racism is very high. Think of it like this, when a conversation starts from Pakistan perspective, one says im pathan, other says im sindhi etc. Then when a conversation starts from a pathans perspective, one say’s im Khattak, Afridi, Bangash, Yousafzai etc and this goes on to the grass root level.
  • People will give you hundreds of reasons to fall down before starting a venture rather than giving you a single reason to get motivated. No one wants to see you as a succesfull person rather an average individual just like them.

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