Installation of U.P.S at a school in my Village ( Community Work)

706316_544976472198220_2024462849_o (1) 706224_544976678864866_1438933900_o 479086_544977885531412_883323145_o 477117_544977108864823_1481706207_o 470903_544976978864836_803527422_o 287704_544978525531348_1052627769_o 291459_544978445531356_473487503_o 291464_544976548864879_147099060_o 411753_544977672198100_1735196510_o 466707_544977792198088_2094823870_o 279587_544977968864737_462441739_o 278146_544978325531368_1832630239_o 272649_544976438864890_1576581233_o 219441_544978038864730_1064825913_o 209380_544977155531485_1869715662_o 272649_544976438864890_1576581233_o 278146_544978325531368_1832630239_o 279587_544977968864737_462441739_o 131296_544976798864854_632963566_o


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